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> écrit :
> [...] Is there a way to trap use actions like that so I can block the
> On timer code from running?

Each new SET TIMER "kills" the previously set one, so it allows to postpone or 
cancel next 'On timer'. For example when the user types into a search box, send 
the query after he has stopped input since one or 2 seconds. 

Maybe something like this in form method could work:

jobPostponed:=60*2  //2 seconds, for example
case of
  on keystroke
    set timer(jobPostponed)
  on timer 
    set timer(0)
    set timer(jobPostponed)
end case

Thinking after, there is surely more events to consider (On click, double clic, 
menu, etc.)

Arnaud de Montard 

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