4D v17R3 Windows

We have an internal website (development) that we want to access in a web area
Because its an internal URL, and for now in development, we don't have a 
certificate for it right now
So, when using Internet explorer, we get a message "This site is not secure"
However, we can proceed and after seeing the error DLG_FLAGS_INVALID_CA, 
DLG_FLAGS_SEC_CERT_CN_INVALID we can force to go further

When using a webarea (not embedded, because embedded looks nothing like it 
should be) however I get the message "This site is not secure", but with 
errorcode 0
And more important, I am not able to proceed to the website

Does anybody know how I can solve this problem?


P.S. I don't use the embedded version because
* in 32-bit it looks nothing like it should
* in 64-bit (Blink) I get an blank HTML page, and nothing is shown

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