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On Thu, Apr 11, 2019 at 12:52 PM Ken Daniel <kendan...@maxkatzbag.com>

> All, 4D Professional Services is offering a free report on what it would
> take to get your application 64-bit ready. I recently had my application
> reviewed by them and the report they provided was very informative. In
> addition to outlining what needs to be done to make your application 64-bit
> ready, they provide a work estimate and list of deliverables of what it
> would take their team to complete the work if you were unable to manage the
> project on your own. Considering 4D v17 will be the last 32-bit version and
> that the report is free, I highly recommend taking advantage of this offer.
> Just contact your account manager, Tracy (trobe...@4d.com 408-557-4672)
> or Court (ccoo...@4d.com 408-557-4640) and they will set it up for you.
> *P.S. Will Taylor of 4D Professional Services did my report and I got to
> meet Will at the 4D World Tour in Atlanta, which as Kirk Brooks detailed
> previously on the list, was a great experience.*
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