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> > I get the current website and some of the in-jokes, but a step-by-step guide
> > for installing, building and contributing would be great ...
> It's so easy to fall into the trap of elitism, while bemoaning the
> shortage of development hands needed to bring Plan 9 (or any one of
> its other flavours) into the "mainstream".
> What keeps Plan 9 alive and this list/group thriving is the
> conversation, irrespective of the actual pertinence to the "real
> world". It is knowing that the world has rejected the Plan 9 "grace"
> and are therefore not deserving, blah, blah. Human natures, humoured,
> harmlessly. Why not? Plan 9 is elegant, 9front presumably has some
> robust features, the other flavours can handle their own niche
> objectives.
> I've been absent here for a long spell and came back recently to
> discover most of the old hands still at it and some new blood raising,
> mutatis mutandis, the same issues we've seen go past since 1995 (for
> me). It is as familiar as it is reassuring.
> But the reality is that Plan 9 is too good in too many ways and the
> world can only absorb chunks of that at the time (disruptive
> technologies, I believe they were labelled, way back) and so it
> progresses very little while the few remaining contenders to the prize
> of OS of the century or millennium or whatever have the resources to
> track the bad engineering decisions they (the OSes) facilitate or even
> demand.
> Merging Plan 9 flavours would resolve many otherwise intractable
> problems, but it will do nothing to improve the penetration of Plan 9
> in the marketplace and no one has the funds to tackle it, even if they
> felt that the result would be worth it.
> But there is something in not following the fashion; I, for one,
> really cherish it. Mostly because it is all so simple, once you leave
> the baroque world of Windows, Linux and OSX behind.
> Lucio.

I think he was looking for





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