re git frowned upon.

i think git is frowned upon because porting it would be a massive effort due to 
its many dependencies, whist python has been ported and mercurial just works.


> On 13 Feb 2018, at 23:37, Rui Carmo <> wrote:
>>> On 13 Feb 2018, at 19:10, Kurt H Maier <> wrote:
>>> For using QEMU’s virtualization features inside Hyper-V.
>> If Hyper-V is still capable of running Xen guests, you may want to look
>> at the code on sources for a start in that direction.  That way you
>> could skip linux altogether and just use the platform natively.  
> I would very much like to do that. Marshaling the time to get Plan9 running 
> on Azure would be nice, but first I need to learn enough about the internals 
> by building the system for a platform that is already supported and that I 
> can experiment on easily (like the Pi 3).
> Also, it would have to be 64-bit, which would be an added challenge. I’d 
> rather start with ARM and cross-compile, which I’ve been doing for Android 
> for a few years now (can’t be much different even with the relatively 
> ancient^Wsimpler C compilers).
> Baby steps. And for me, one of those steps is setting up a DVCS (probably 
> Mercurial, because even if I’ve left it for git seven or so years ago I’d 
> like to give the opportunity for others to contribute, and git seems to be 
> frowned upon here), having good tracking (and backtracking) of my 
> experiments, and a reproducible build system that has no human intervention 
> (so that I don’t introduce any mistakes).
> Oh, and finding the time.
> R.

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