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> On 14 Feb 2018, at 00:31, s...@9front.org wrote:
>> 1.) is the wrong approach.  Just build inside Plan 9.
> You missed the rest of the thread.

I read the entire thread but I didn’t see this point specifically
addressed.  From the latest posts it is still unclear where you plan
to do the compiling.

Okay, so let’s stipulate compiling on Plan 9.  Unless I missed it, the
relationship between your automated tools on the Linux host and the
build on the Plan 9 guest (for example, how they will communicate)
hasn’t been mentioned at all.  That’s why I brought up the 9front fork
of drawterm as a possible facilitator.  It can handle 9front’s new
auth scheme and it can run individual commands.  Lacking something
like this, how else do you plan to control the build on Plan 9?

It also wasn’t clear to me that you’ve spent any significant time
actually using Plan 9.  It might even be a good idea to use the system
for a while, even without all the external automation, to figure out
if any of this is even worth your time.  A lot of people find they
don’t like Plan 9 once they get here.

Anyway, good luck with whatever your ultimate goal is.


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