>> Rui, please present any issues you had with the step-by-step
>> introductions in the fqa to us on the 9front mailinglist in a
>> designated thread.
> The main issue for me is putting together a build environment on top
> of KVM or Linux, which isn’t covered in the FQA.
> I can’t build 9front on a Pi (well, not in productive amounts of
> time), and all the machines i have available with the requisite
> horsepower are in the public cloud (except for my iMac and a local KVM
> host that is already overburdened with my Windows development VM).
> Since I’m a staunch supporter of CI/CD I’d love to automate the
> process from committing code to building a burnable image, and dipping
> into 9front from “outside” to run the requisite commands is going to
> be a time sink.

It sounds like you are saying you want to 1.) build Plan 9 on Linux,
using Linux tools, 2.) and test it by running the result in
QEMU/KVM/whatever hosted by Linux.

1.) is the wrong approach.  Just build inside Plan 9.

2.) is trivial and is covered in FQA3[0] and FQA5[1].  9front's fork
of drawterm[2] can run without graphics, and can be used to execute
single commands.

If this is really your aim, I think you can accomplish it with minimal


[0] http://fqa.9front.org/fqa3.html

[1] http://fqa.9front.org/fqa5.html

[2] http://drawterm.9front.org

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