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Lucio De Re writes:
> On 6/20/18, Ethan A. Gardener <eeke...@fastmail.fm> wrote:
> > [ ... ] Most of it is going into game scripting at the moment, but on the b
> ack
> > burner is a Forth-based project; a sort of operating system where the
> > primary interface to all tasks is a Forth interpreter. [ ... ]
> Bakul may not agree, but that sounds like a novel take on APL.
> Different underlying syntax, but conceptually quite similar. Forth is
> one of those things that happened while I wasn't watching, so I'm not
> at all familiar with it, so it makes sense for me to use the model I
> know, but this sounds quite intriguing.

As a matter of fact some APLers are quite fascinated with
"concatenative" languages like Forth, Joy, Factor etc.!

> Do you know APL and/or any of its derivatives? You'd bit a better
> judge. The idea of the full interpreter at the command line is a
> powerful one and APL's one liners handle much better the shortcomings
> of any Unix shell's regarding multi-line constructs.

There are some conceptual similarities between stream
programming using shell pipelines and array programing using
APL/j/k/q. Array programming is richer as you can pass many
different things, not just character streams.

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