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> Thanks! I don't know APL at all, beyond the fact that its need for a 
> graphical (or at least sophisticated) display held it back in the past. I 
> should probably look into it now, I'm sure it would save me from making some 
> mistakes in my design.

Languages j, k & q are ascii only. K is
quite minimalist (compared to APL & j).
I quite like Scheme, k and plan9 for
their minimalist aesthetics.

Arthur Whitney, k’s designer, had told
me he was making it run on bare metal.
He was muttering about how Linux just
gets in the way! Though I don’t know if
he actually did that.

Another crazy bare metal tale: A few
years before Eben Upton came up with
Raspberry Pi, he had ported cpython to
run on the videocore on a GPU only
chip (bcm2707) using custom software
hackery. Using python like BASIC is a great idea!

Personally I’d prefer something like k, Scheme, python or lua (and not forth) 
to boot into. I am admire forth but I’m
not a fan of *programming* in stack languages!

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