They want to know specifically what device/IP address/MAC address on their
LAN is moving a lot of traffic (like a kid's gaming PC with Steam, or an
XboxOne, or whatever)?  I would suggest some sort of home router that can
do per device cumulative accounting like this. The $50 ubnt edgerouter has
this in its GUI, I believe.  Or the $99 one.

On Thu, Sep 15, 2016 at 6:36 PM, That One Guy /sarcasm <> wrote:

> so we got this:
> "Can yotu help us somehow figure out what is using all of our data? We
> have looked at the daily usage and can not figure it out. There are days
> that we have been gone for several hours and the usage is VERY high. Then
> days we are home have been extremely low. We are at a loss; can you help us
> or recommend someone who can. Is there a way to break this down hourly?
> Thanks!
> --"
> this is the one in ten request, the other 9 are normally "we didnt do this
> you people are lying,we never use the internet, our kids follow rules,
> youre cheating us" in a real catty voice
> screw those 9 douches, its usually one of the spouses porn affliction, the
> kids game console. or the fact they leave 5 units running in the house with
> netflix on autoplay, if theyre not illegally torrenting some shit.
> but, there is the one, who arent cocks, they genuinely want to know. We
> arent providing them a router, so monitoring from there directly is out
> we just recently moved DNS to us (huge value I have already found) So
> whats the best way (to the account, not the individual machine) to track
> this down, in our environment, We have mikrotik 1100ahx2 from to AP to the
> edge, and for the firs time, I actually want to set up a tool to help the
> 10 percent and if you guys who know more than me can spit out a script to
> drop in to monitor this customer I can pretend I have value within th
> company. .
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