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On 10/13/2016 8:52 AM, Ken Hohhof wrote:
The objection to something like Exede satellite (other than a few areas with no 
spot beams) is if I stream more than a couple movies per week, I go over my 
data cap unless I watch in the middle of the night.

Can you really say TVWS solves that problem?  Especially since satellite will 
probably continue to evolve and push up their data caps?

Personally, I don't see what's so terrible about setting the DVR on your sat TV or using 
the original Netflix DVD by mail service, if you want to live in the middle of nowhere.  
But obviously I'm out of step with the times.  To quote Louis CK, "everything's 
amazing, nobody's happy".  TVWS should be fine, but nobody's going to be happy with 
it, now that the Internet has been subverted to be the cheap entertainment superhighway.  
(Did Doug Clark trademark that term?)

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On 10/13/16 08:11, Ken Hohhof wrote:
I got a WISPAPALOOZA related email from a TVWS vendor I’d never heard
of before.  Still didn’t pique my interest.  I think TVWS is now at
best a niche solution, maybe for monitoring “things” in remote areas.

I see it as something like if your options for internet are TVWS, satellite, or 
nothing. But then again people are testing LTE gear at low signals with low 
throughput and accept it because LTE.


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