I got a WISPAPALOOZA related email from a TVWS vendor I’d never heard of 
before.  Still didn’t pique my interest.  I think TVWS is now at best a niche 
solution, maybe for monitoring “things” in remote areas.



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is TVWS still a thing? I thought it was hanging out with the Edsel


On my original post, going through each customer, there was a marked increase 
in usage overall, people coming in as it got cold, that combined with the 
increased noise floor (cooler weather, corn buffer being gone) and whatever was 
going on in the atmosphere and too many poor installs, it was a perfect storm 
that should have been expected. pulling all the heavy users off to other 
systems, downtilting APs, and lowering the maximum rate sold on this system 
after doing the fresh coordination and implementing some of the recomendations 
on configs seems to have brought it to manageable disaster.


Rumor is Rise is "upgrading" around Thanksgiving in the area. I would like to 
see how baicell performs when that environment shows up. What is the deal on 
the 1W and 10W base station with baicells?



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On 10/13/16 6:46 AM, Ken Hohhof wrote:

With that tree scenario, do you still feel you’re protected from
interference in unlicensed spectrum, or if others start using the band,
will you be screwed with those signal levels?

In a situation where the customer is buried in trees, I figure the trees
will probably block most interference, but upstream may be vulnerable.
If it’s a “forest town” as you describe, are you counting on CBRS and
the spectrum database to protect against interference?

Forest of trees seems like TVWS would have a better chance than anything in the 
GHz range.




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