Set a power Pole, Have temp power brought in (The county should be more
than wiling to work with you on the permit) and use that for your AP's  And
yes free wifi to the neighborhood since they have no power.

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On Fri, Oct 14, 2016 at 5:35 PM, Chuck McCown <> wrote:

> We had a whole neighborhood burned to the ground earlier this summer.  All
> mobile/manufactured homes.  Some with zero insurance.  At least your folks
> will have a claim against whoever was doing the burn.
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> Subject: [AFMUG] hardest thing I've had to do with this biz...
> Today in Reno a prescribed burn that was supposed to be out two days ago
> blew up and took out 19 homes.   A large number of them were customers
> including two repeater locations.   How do I go to the people who lost
> their homes and ask to rebuild the repeaters on the ashes?   Sometimes
> this job really sucks...
> Robert

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