For those with the higher roof vans, two questions.
Can you go through a fast food drive through?

How do you get ladders on /off?  Do they make a ladder kit that flips over the 
side or something?

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We like the dual sliding doors.  We install shelving on the driver side door 
entry way for easy access to tools.  The Transit connects are decent.  The full 
size transits are too large for us - mileage is too big of a hit.  I’m sure 
they will last longer but by the time they are 5 or 6 years old the wrap is 
tired and it’s worth nothing, new stuff is out, might as well just plan on a 4 
year replacement cycle and have something that always works.  We’ve had some 
issues with the older transit connects as they get into the 100k mileage range. 
 Our new vans are Promaster Cities.  They get better mileage than our Transit 
Connects and are hopefully a little tougher.  There are some great incentives 
on the Ram Promaster City vans right now.

Joe Falaschi

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I am also looking at Ford Transit, medium roof 130” wheelbase 3.5L Ecoboost.  
Trying to decide if the dual sliding doors option is brilliant or stupid.

A dealer near me bought up a bunch of 2016 Transits with hail damage, I decided 
to pass on that.  I think that means a salvage title.

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I already have a Tacoma which is great, but I'm looking for a second vehicle 
for a second driver.  I'd like to try a work van to keep everything inside.  
Maybe even warm parts for the winter.

I'm looking at the Ford Transit and would love to hear of any additional 

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