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> I know  you know this.  Diode voltage drop depends on current.  If the
> router has times when it is drawing significantly less current, then the
> voltage drop will be less and vice versa.  I know everyone cites .6 volts
> for a PN silicon junction but it is more like double  that on many power
> rectifiers.  A common 1N4004 has a 1 volt drop at 1 amp.  But only about .2
> volts down in the microamp region.
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> *Sent: *Saturday, October 15, 2016 6:43:04 PM
> *Subject: *[AFMUG] dual psu with diode, ccr1036 wierdness
> to increase reliability on my new ccr1036 router, I decided to add a
> second 24v psu and isolate the two with rectifier diodes. The factory PSU
> puts out about 24v, after the diode drop it's about 23 and change, I
> installed a second psu and adjusted the output to 22v or about 21 and
> change after the diode.
> I installed the router and started monitoring the reported voltage by SNMP
> logging, I noticed it started out at 23v and then has been slowly jumping
> down and back up to 22v any idea why it wouldn't just keep taking power
> from the source with the highest voltage?
> Is this going to be a problem? I was hoping to monitor for main psu
> failure by sending an alert below 23v which would tell me if the main PSU
> failed but for some reason this isn't working as planned...

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