Exactly the same... I won't mince words because I am not some pansy news organization.. This was the direct result of a controlled burn put on by Nevada Department of Forestry and University of Reno. Started 5 days before a predicted High Wind Event. There are some people feeling very bad right now and they should. Fire bosses up and down the line should lose their jobs for not stopping this. This was government at it's absolute worst. Fricken Insanity.. FRICKEN STUPID... The only good thing was no one died. There should be calls going out for the heads of who set up that fire but it's tiptoe through the tulips time...

On 10/16/16 7:56 AM, Ken Hohhof wrote:
Is this the same fire that news reports say destroyed the house of the owner of 
the Bunny Ranch?  Probably not, since that is described as a wildfire.

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Today in Reno a prescribed burn that was supposed to be out two days ago
blew up and took out 19 homes.   A large number of them were customers
including two repeater locations.   How do I go to the people who lost
their homes and ask to rebuild the repeaters on the ashes?   Sometimes
this job really sucks...


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