Yeah I’m unique as I’m told often haha ;)

For content like Netflix, it’s all on-net via cache clusters … Plex is local 
via wifi (and it’s not wifi - I tested it thoroughly to make sure) …. the other 
app (IPTV from competitor) they say they have very few issues but in their 
customer forums it seems like a different story …. 

Maybe I need to factory default them or something - they are running latest 
software etc but maybe something over time is causing the issues … have no idea


> On Oct 16, 2016, at 5:34 PM, Josh Reynolds <> wrote:
> How close are you, network wise, to the various CDNs that these would use?
> You are literally the first person I have talked to that had problems with a 
> roku.
> On Oct 16, 2016 4:07 PM, "Paul Stewart" < 
> <>> wrote:
> See that’s kinda funny for me… I have several Roku boxes and my experience 
> with all of them has been garbage….
> Netflix is probably the most dependable app but even with it I’ve had some 
> weird things go on … Plex I have issues with every so often (audio out of 
> sync for example).  When I try the same “programming” on Apple TV or PS4 I 
> have zero issues.  It got to the point where I just packed them all up into a 
> box and threw them into a storage bin … only recently did I pull out a Roku 2 
> and Roku 3 to test an app from a competitor offering IPTV via Roku - it 
> sucked badly too and other people trialling the service were having issues 
> too … 
>> On Oct 16, 2016, at 12:20 PM, That One Guy /sarcasm 
>> < <>> wrote:
>> Roku is just an amazing nail on the head device. I still run the old xd it 
>> still updates, the apps still update, it's got the supported dev channels. 
>> That's probably one of the most elegantly perfect pieces of electronic in my 
>> home
>> On Oct 16, 2016 10:49 AM, "Bill Prince" < 
>> <>> wrote:
>> The problem with whatever app is on the TV (or if there is an app), is that 
>> if the TV is more than 1 year old, it will never be updated again.
>> The Netflix app on our (now) 5 year old LG is a poor example of how Netflix 
>> should actually work (or any of the online streaming services for that 
>> matter). I didn't realize how poor until we installed a ROKU 2, and found 
>> out what a reasonably modern implementation looked like.
>> bp
>> <part15sbs{at}gmail{dot}com>
>> On 10/15/2016 10:10 AM, Ken Hohhof wrote:
>>> In your experience, does it help if the customer goes through the procedure 
>>> to update the app on the smart TV?
>>> Most of the smart TVs we run into seem to be Samsung.  I know a lot of the 
>>> early ones also didn’t seem to play well with certain WiFi routers.

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