Hah....that is funny.  The attraction was the ratings.  Nothing else. 

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I think there were actually 18 republican candidates. In the early going the 
style of DT pretty much sucked the oxygen out of the room. I think a lot of it 
was the press' focus on him, but in the end, it was really the republican 
voters that made the decision.Republicans are well under half of the overall 
voter population. My personal theory was that too many rationally-minded 
republicans decided to sit out the primaries, or else they were legitimately 
split on "all the rest".That's too bad, because in the end, they could have 
fixed the problem by only having 3 or at most, 6 candidates. If that had been 
the case, I think DT would not have gone past the first 5 primaries. DT did not 
get a majority in any of the early primaries; a classic case of split votes. 
bp<part15sbs{at}gmail{dot}com> On 10/16/2016 4:50 PM, CBB - Jay Fuller wrote:
One thing to remember during all of this.  People voted in 50 states.  Very 
different states.  There were, at times, 10 other candidates on the republican 
side - - and admitingly, one socialist on the other side.  

Those 50 states voted Trump in as the republican nominee.  There were several 
other choices.  Trump is the one the majority voted in.

Don't forget that come Nov 8.

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