CCR I think would do the trick but I would have 2 for fail over
Or I would do a PowerV4 from linktechs with failover ccr1236
Let the mikrotiks handle your nat and DHCP
DNS I would do on a x86 box

On 02/12/2018 01:59 PM, Chuck McCown wrote:
Had a subdivision developer contact me, wanting service for their hundred or so homes. I can get DIA close to the area at a reasonable area.� It will require some build but that is OK, that is something I feel some level of expertise.
Considering a minimal NOC build.
I asked this question of someone once before and I cannot find their answer.� Not sure if asked on the list or not. But the answer went something like this:

 1. Buy a big CCR.
 2. Hire Linktechs to configure it.
 3. Put in a big switch for the AE SFPs and rock and roll.

I am sure I would need at least one server.� DHCP, NAT, DNS?
But can all of that be provided by the CCR?
What is the smallest NOC configuration that could be created?
Batts, rectifier, cooling.
I really could put all this in a cabinet on the corner of the street.


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