Could do something similar to where each individual can 
choose to contribute or not and also how much they want to contribute to the 
running of the list.

Christopher Tyler 
Total Highspeed Internet Services 

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It’s the cloud man, no one knows where the cloud is, yet alone how much it 

The “cloud” is expensive!  I would be happy to host it for free on our ME 

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Can it really be more than $5????

How much memory, CPU, and storage can a mailing list take when virtualized?

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Just curious, what are the monthly costs to operate this list?
On February 18, 2018 11:13:54 AM CST, Chuck McCown 
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I notice it has been a while since we pushed a bit to help fund the
not-insignificant AWS expense that keeps this list alive.

Please clean out your couch cushions and paypal the revenue created to<>

Paul, what is the current status of our deficit?

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