We used to have this capability with Zions.  

We are getting it going again, but have not yet tested it.  We are supposed to 
go to the local branch and do the first one there to make sure it goes right or 
if it doesn’t they can help troubleshoot.  

From: Forrest Christian (List Account) 
Sent: Friday, March 2, 2018 12:16 AM
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Subject: [AFMUG] [OT] outbound ACH

I on a somewhat regular basis (several times a year) need to be able to 
originate a US ACH payment to a vendor.   My bank charges way too much in my 
opinion for this functionality, and it's a pain since we have to fill out forms 
and send them to them and they enter the data manually, and on and on.  More 
and more vendors we deal with don't want to deal with Cash/Check and many won't 
accept credit card payments, and of course they can't originate (pull) the 
payment either. 

I've been hoping to find a bank and/or service provider which would allow me to 
just enter ACH transfer information online and have it happen for a reasonable 
fee.  I'm open to various options, including opening an account with a bank 
(assuming that is permitted based on our location in Montana), or using some 
other reasonable option.

So far, the only solutions I've found are either prohibitively expensive, or 
require something we can't provide (i.e. some cash management products require 
a minimum balance commitment or a very large monthly fee).

Anyone come across something which might fit the bill?


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