Most large banks have web based ACH portals but you have to pay a monthly fee 
for it. 


On March 2, 2018 10:17:57 AM CST, wrote:
>We used to have this capability with Zions.  
>We are getting it going again, but have not yet tested it.  We are
>supposed to go to the local branch and do the first one there to make
>sure it goes right or if it doesn’t they can help troubleshoot.  
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>Subject: [AFMUG] [OT] outbound ACH
>I on a somewhat regular basis (several times a year) need to be able to
>originate a US ACH payment to a vendor.   My bank charges way too much
>in my opinion for this functionality, and it's a pain since we have to
>fill out forms and send them to them and they enter the data manually,
>and on and on.  More and more vendors we deal with don't want to deal
>with Cash/Check and many won't accept credit card payments, and of
>course they can't originate (pull) the payment either. 
>I've been hoping to find a bank and/or service provider which would
>allow me to just enter ACH transfer information online and have it
>happen for a reasonable fee.  I'm open to various options, including
>opening an account with a bank (assuming that is permitted based on our
>location in Montana), or using some other reasonable option.
>So far, the only solutions I've found are either prohibitively
>expensive, or require something we can't provide (i.e. some cash
>management products require a minimum balance commitment or a very
>large monthly fee).
>Anyone come across something which might fit the bill?
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