Arrgh, I turned on nat and turned it back off and now it is working....!  I 
hate it when I fix something like this and I do not know how I fixed it...

Sent: Thursday, April 12, 2018 10:28 AM
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I don’t think it is natted.  My son set it up, but he is away at college/work 
and I have limited access to him.

From: Adam Moffett 
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Subject: Re: [AFMUG] OT asterisk

It has to be related to NAT and/or reinvite. 
Look for what IP is being presented to the outside world.  There are definitely 
relevant settings in Asterisk, could be in the phone too.

Assuming the phones have private IPs, I'd set canreinvite=no for the SIP peer 
used by the phones, and make sure the phones are not set to override the WAN IP.

Asterisk has a setting showing what IP it uses to talk to the world....I'm 
sorry I can't recall the name of the option.  If it has its own public IP, then 
use that.  If it's private and behind NAT then it may need to present to the 
world that it has the router's WAN IP.  The NAT router could have SIP helper 
features.  You may need to turn that either on or off depending on what else 
you have going on.

You'll get better clues from a packet capture.  You can use tcpdump on the 
Asterisk Box, and/or do it on the router.  You can verify whether the incoming 
RTP stream is or isn't getting to you.  You can check the outbound SIP packets 
to see what source IP is being used.  The other end doesn't reply to the source 
from the IP header, he replies to the source IP used in the SIP messages.  If 
Asterisk is identifying itself as peer@ then your carrier may be 
sending RTP to the private address which obviously can't cross the internet.

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  I am grateful for any bones that can be tossed this way.  Just stating “hey, 
I am having this problem” which implies that any suggestions to fix the problem 
are most welcome.  

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