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> From the Salt Lake Tribune this morning:
> On Wednesday, Heinz asked American condiment lovers to decide— through a
> Twitter poll — if it should start selling Mayochup, a premade blend of
> mayonnaise and ketchup, in the United States. (According to the Evening
> Standard, a British newspaper, it’s been sold in Persian Gulf countries,
> like Dubai, for a couple of years.) The Twitter feed for Heinz
> Ketchup(@HeinzKetchup_US) posted this poll Wednesday: “Want #mayochup in
> stores? 500,000 votes for “yes” and we’ll release it to you saucy
> Americans.”
> Less than 24 hours after the poll was posted, more than 470,000 people had
> voted— with 55 percent approving of the product and 45 percent saying “Nah,
> I’ll make my own.”
> As anyone with a connection to Utah and its signature foods knows, the
> founder of Arctic Circle restaurants created this pink concoction in the
> 1950s as an alternative dipping sauce for french fries. Since then, almost
> every Utah restaurant has developed its own version using ketchup and
> mayonnaise— and sometimes pickle relish and spices.
> While huge in Utah, fry sauce remains mostly a mystery outside the state.

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