Know in Puerto Rico as Mayo-Ketchup for more than 20 years! On Tostones!!!

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>From the Salt Lake Tribune this morning:

On Wednesday, Heinz asked American condiment lovers to decide— through a 
Twitter poll — if it should start selling Mayochup, a premade blend of 
mayonnaise and ketchup, in the United States. (According to the Evening 
Standard, a British newspaper, it’s been sold in Persian Gulf countries, like 
Dubai, for a couple of years.) The Twitter feed for Heinz 
Ketchup(@HeinzKetchup_US) posted this poll Wednesday: “Want #mayochup in 
stores? 500,000 votes for “yes” and we’ll release it to you saucy Americans.”

Less than 24 hours after the poll was posted, more than 470,000 people had 
voted— with 55 percent approving of the product and 45 percent saying “Nah, 
I’ll make my own.”

As anyone with a connection to Utah and its signature foods knows, the founder 
of Arctic Circle restaurants created this pink concoction in the 1950s as an 
alternative dipping sauce for french fries. Since then, almost every Utah 
restaurant has developed its own version using ketchup and mayonnaise— and 
sometimes pickle relish and spices.

While huge in Utah, fry sauce remains mostly a mystery outside the state.

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