I don't see how the nature of consciousness is relevant for the
architecture of AGI. AGI is being developed within consciousness.
Everything is/has consciousness ... even a brick. The more complexity a
particular "system" allows for the more complex stuff consciousness can

If you run "The Sims" on an FPGA platform then everything within the game
world is FPGA in a way ... even a virtual brick will have "FPGA-nature".
More complex systems within your world (SIMS characters) will showcase more
complexity and more FPGA-ness (as compared to human beings showing more
interesting behaviors than bricks).

The behavior of any AGI system - on the other hand - will be the result of
the AGI's understanding of the fundamental nature of consciousness and
reality of course. That's why I have been stating plenty of times that AGI
will most likely behave like a developed Zen master and not like Ray
Kurzweil on steroids.

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> Look, I'm trying to follow the train of thought here with regards AGI. It
> would be significant to AGI architecture if the contention was made that
> first, existed consciousness, and then matter.
> Rob
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