And you are the only one to know the truth because...?

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> So what really prevents us from discovering and interacting with "aliens"
> (or rather individuated forms of consciousness) isn't a lack of technology
> but a lack of mastery of ourselves. The singular gateway to the entire
> universe is "inside" of us and not external. Once you operate outside of
> illusory spacetime there is no distance to overcome and no delay when
> communicating with any other chunk of consciousness out there.
> I tell you ... "they" are waiting for us to evolve our consciousness and
> not our rocket engines and "they" are not even far away as distance is a
> meaningless concept outside this tiny 3D playground. There are Zen monks
> communicating with non-physical entities while SETI discovers nothing ...
> that's the real paradox of our time.
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>> In a nutshell: Consciousness came up with virtual 3D worlds as a way to
>> enhance evolution of consciousness. Not-so-evolved consciousness follows
>> and identifies with avatars (human beings) in order to learn fundamental
>> lessons. (Just like children do when they play computer games.) By using
>> human avatars in a 3D world individuated consciousness can mature and
>> converge towards low entropic states of love, compassion, non-attachment
>> and understanding. As consciousness evolves it becomes de-attached from the
>> human experience (what we call ego-loss, liberation or spiritual
>> enlightenment) and ultimately moves on to operate in non-physical realms
>> (nirvana, kingdom of heaven, great spirit ... or other contemporary
>> analogies and metaphors).
>> This process is very fundamental. We need to undergo this process mainly
>> for two reasons: a) In order so we don't wreck havoc in thought-responsive
>> environments (Imagine you take some LSD-like substance and suddenly
>> everything you think becomes reality and there is no way to stop that
>> experience - an untrained consciousness would go insane within such a
>> thought-responsive non-physical environment.) This physical reality serves
>> as some sort of chaos/entropy-sink - it limits the damage our collective
>> and individuals insanity can cause to a limited portion of virtual
>> spacetime - and b) so we can actually operate in non-physical realms
>> without identifying with random entities. (Imagine you own a company that
>> runs large scale simulations and all your employees keep identifying with
>> random entities within the simulation ... basically rendering them
>> incapable of operating within the actual superset of said simulation.)
>> We are living within a playground for consciousness. We are capable of
>> sending cars into space but we completely forgot about all the core
>> teachings of all the liberated masters who told us to become aware of our
>> true nature and to transcend the illusion of being a human in order to be
>> able to continue our evolutionary journey beyond the limited planes of this
>> virtual physical reality. Fermi's Paradox is irrelevant once you put this
>> tiny virtual training ground into perspective.
>> "The vast distances that separate the stars are providential. Beings and
>> worlds are quarantined from one another. The quarantine is lifted only for
>> those with sufficient self-knowledge and judgment to have safely traveled
>> from star to star." -- Carl Sagan
>> Carl Sagan almost had it right ... what quarantines us from one another
>> aren't virtual and irrelevant distances within a virtual environment but
>> ignorance of the true nature of consciousness ... thus preventing us from
>> taking the singular exit and shifting our attention out of this tiny, tiny
>> virtual physical reality. At the aforementioned LAN-Party you will find
>> plenty of people once your focus shifts from World of Warcraft towards your
>> more fundamentally real environment.
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>>> In a nutshell, are we saying that - first, there was consciousness?
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