I hope to help evolve the dialog here as I feel that issues that Ben and I
share interests in can be vetted within this discussion.  I must acknowledge
that I do not read interspersed text as a rule simply because it is so hard
to take the time to figure out the two sides and the intended meaning (at
least for me).

I hope that we might make full statements as communications, that have some
independence from previous messages even if we do quote properly from
previous messages.

Pei,  My approach is to rely on human cognitive acuity more by providing the
proper agility in the design and deployment of the often half baked AI
technology that the user community has so far been exposed to.  When looking
at biological models of vision (for example the work of J. J. Gibson) one
develops a notion that motion is in fact very important to how object
recognition.  Ecological psychology (Robert Shaw and Michael Turvey)
develops from this recognition of the relevance of motion to object

Motion and the reasons why motion is used in developing recognition of
objects is only one issues that is informed by a true knowledge of
biological intelligence.

Artificial General Intelligence may be targeting the development of a means
for processing data into information and information into machine ontology.

How can we join a colleague David Noziglia into this discussion?


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