Paul Prueitt wrote:
> How can we join a colleague David Noziglia into this discussion?

Paul, if David wishes to join the discussion, he is invited to join the AGI
list by going to the bottom of the page and entering his
e-mail address in the box handily provided there ;)

Paul wrote:
> I must
> acknowledge
> that I do not read interspersed text as a rule simply because it
> is so hard
> to take the time to figure out the two sides and the intended meaning (at
> least for me).
> I hope that we might make full statements as communications, that
> have some
> independence from previous messages even if we do quote properly from
> previous messages.

Paul, I will try to respect your aversion to interspersed text in messages
to you or dialogues intensely involving you.

However, I don't share your general aversion to interspersed text in
e-mails.  If overused it can become confusing, but, often it's a very
effective tool, in my opinion.

I understand that we all have different tastes and styles though!

To me, interspersed text allows more of a "given and take' feel

-- Ben

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