On Wed, 2002-11-06 at 19:24, Ben Goertzel wrote:
> James Rogers wrote:
> > You would quite obviously be correct about the tractability if someone
> > actually tried to brute force the entire algorithm space in L.  The
> > knowability factor means that we don't always (hardly ever?) get the
> > best algorithm, but it learns and adapts very fast and this
> > automatically sieves the L-space into something very tractable.
> Any estimates of the average error incurred by searching only the locally
> knowable space instead of the whole space?

No friggin' clue.  I'm not even sure if this could be meaningfully
calculated, or at least I am not sure what "average error" actually
means in this context.  The resource savings are a fair trade-off for
the efficacy though.

On the other hand, the brute force perspective and knowable perspective
of the space seem to be fundamentally different at an important
functional level, but my brain is tired right now so I'm not going to
think about it too hard. :-)


-James Rogers

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