paul prueitt wrote:
> Pei,  My approach is to rely on human cognitive acuity more by
> providing the
> proper agility in the design and deployment of the often half baked AI
> technology that the user community has so far been exposed to.

This is a valid and worthwhile goal, it's simply different from the goal of
creating true AGI

paul wrote:
> Motion and the reasons why motion is used in developing recognition of
> objects is only one issues that is informed by a true knowledge of
> biological intelligence.

It's true that this is only one issue.

However, my belief is that MUCH of the task of creating AGI, is a matter of
dealing with difficult issues one at a time.

One needs a viable general framework to begin with, otherwise one can't deal
with numerous interrelated issues in an integrated, synergetic way.

But once one HAS a viable general framework, one needs to proceed through
numerous specific difficult issues, dealing with each one in the context of
one's general framework -- working out "functional specializations" of one's
general framework to various specialized issues...

paul wrote:
> Artificial General Intelligence may be targeting the development
> of a means
> for processing data into information and information into machine
> ontology.

Like motion and vision processing, this too is only a part of general

However, this is an indispensible part, whereas vision & motion analysis are
a dispensible part.

Any mind has got to be able to transform data into information, and to build
ontologies based on the information.

I believe this is a necessary but not sufficient condition for creating a
digital mind.

Of course, creating ontologies using AI tools is also a useful goal
independently of the goal of creating an AGI.  Digitally created ontologies
may be used by human minds in many ways, as part of knowledge management
systems for example.  This is one of many ways in which "fragmentary" or
"incomplete" AGI systems may be used to serve valuable purposes in the very
short term.

-- Ben G

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