Hi David

> What of the possibility, Ben, of an Asimov-like reaction to the
> possibility of thinking machines that compete with humans?  It's the
> kind of dumb, Man-Was-Not-Meant-to-Go-There, scenario we see all the
> time on Sci-Fi Channel productions, but it is plausible, especially in
> a world where so many people still haven't accepted that technology has
> improved lives, ignoring the evidence of much of their own environment. 

If the next big thing (advanced AGI) were to treat us like we treat the 
species we've advanced over, then I'd say humans have good reason 
to be nervous.

But I think the solution is for humans and AGIs to grow up together and 
for AGIs to have to develop with well developed ethical 

Is anybody working on building ethical capacity into AGI from the 
ground up?

As I mentioned to Ben yesterday, AGIs without ethics could end up 
being the next decade's e-viruses (on steriods).

Cheers, Philip

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