> -- Ben G wrote
> I think there will come a time -- possibly in a couple years -- when gov't
> and industry value AGI and loads of money comes AGI's way.  But that will
> *after* someone (potentially my own Novamente team) demonstrates dramatic
> progress toward human-level AGI, in a public and very vividly demonstrable
> way.  When a brilliant AGI demonstration is all over the newspapers, THEN,
> people in positions of substantial financial control will start to see the
> possibilities....  And when someone writes an article on the military
> possibilities of (say) Chinese AGI research, then the US gov't will really
> wake up....  But until this vivid public demonstration exists, we're all
> going to continue working under roughly the current situation -- at least
> that's my prediction....
What of the possibility, Ben, of an Asimov-like reaction to the possibility
of thinking machines that compete with humans?  It's the kind of dumb,
Man-Was-Not-Meant-to-Go-There, scenario we see all the time on Sci-Fi
Channel productions, but it is plausible, especially in a world where so
many people still haven't accepted that technology has improved lives,
ignoring the evidence of much of their own environment.

Hey, who hid all the torches?

David N.

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