At 22:19 03.11.02 -0500, Ben wrote:
>I assume that your Silicon Valley funding is oriented primarily toward one
>or two vertical-market applications of your technology, rather than oriented
>primarily toward AGI... but that your software is usable in a narrow-AI way
>in the short term, while being built toward AGI in the medium term...

We are enhancing our community-tools with narrow-AI (KB- and QA-tools,
Story Understanding, Conversational Agents,...) and are earning money with
it, so we dont need VC-funding. With AGI-work we cant earn money (yet), but
with some elements of AGI-research we'll enhance our narrow-AI-tools to get
more money.

imho, its better do to (paid) small steps from normal software to narrow-AI
to AGI, than a big jump.

cu Alex

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