On Wed, 7 Mar 2018, Kerim Aydin wrote:

I'm using a monospace font (and using Alpine, if you're using pine) and
it's not lining up for me either.

I'm using Alpine in a (PuTTY) terminal, while you're using Web Alpine, so presumably it's precisely the terminal vs. browser difference Gaelan pointed out.

I'm guessing browsers etc. get it wrong because they don't actually have a singly-designed monospaced font that covers all the characters, so substitutes fonts with incompatible metrics for different subsets. Then they lay out the text with no further consideration that it's monospaced, giving each character the width given by its metrics.

Meanwhile, terminals probably don't have a single well-designed font either, but presumably make sure to place each character in a precise spot in the window - I've noticed that all characters generally line up in the terminal, but some of the emoji ones actually get clipped so only the left part shows.


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