While I would not disagree in general, I think it is fair to say that there
are still issues where plugging in a sound card switches all sounds to that
card until one resets the default.  This is manageable, but she may have to
sort that out depending if she wants only JAWS to go to the second card.  I
don't know if different cards handle the default issue differently or not,

Best regards,


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HI Norma,
If you're a gamer I would definitely go for an audio card from Creative like
the new gen Sound blasters or such.
No it's not true. You won't get any trouble with your second sound card.


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Emne: [all-audio] Seeking 2nd sound card recommendations

Hi group,


I'm looking for a 2nd sound card I can use with Jaws. I've looked at a few
but people mention that the card will bypass the internal sound card. So, I
need a little clarification here, as I thought all sound cards were
basically the same, except for quality and features, of course. I'm just
looking for a card for under $20 that I can run my Jaws through and not
bypass my internal sound card. 


Thanks guys,


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