On Wed, Feb 09, 2005 at 05:44:07AM -0800, Jim Wilcoxson wrote:
> Hi - I don't know how others feel, but one of the "community" issues
> I'm having is that a mailing list is not a great place to have 5
> discussions going on at once, IMO.  If the mailing list does get more

Especially given the low traffic (even with the recent burst) on the
AOLserver list, this sounds like a problem best solved with your mail
client, not by changing the email list.  Mail clients that can do
threaded views of discussions and white/black-list certain topics
aren't exactly new.

> It'd be much easier IMO if "how to get fastcgi on AS" were a topic
> on a topic-based bulletin-board.  THen people could look at things
> that were directly relevant or of interest.

Ugh.  Setting up and maintaining a web bulletin board system for the
sole purpose of replacing the existing and perfectly good AOLserver
mailing list would be a huge distraction and waste of time, for no
benefit.  It would be OVERHEAD, and the AOLserver project does not
need more overhead.  The mailing list is fine, leave it as it is.

> The other advantage of a topic-based board is that when new people
> join, they can easily get a sense of history.

This is certainly true, but you seem to be ignoring the fact that
their are already many years of history in the AOLserver mailing list

The only real problem is that all the existing web interfaces to
mailing list archives (as with most web bulletin board software)
sucks.  Heck, I've never even seen one that gives you a link to let
you see all emails over time by that same author!

There's no good reason for this suckiness however.  It should be
entirely possible to process the list archives and present a read-only
web interface at least as good as the OpenACS Forums package.  (In
fact, this might be a good addition or companion to the Forums
package...)  AFAIK all the information you need is there in the list
archives, it's just that no one has ever bothered to make proper use
of it.

So, the best thing would be for some interested community member to
build that better web interface to the email archives.  If that
succeeds, it will be quite useful for both the AOLserver project and
LOTS of other people.  But if it ever fails or breaks, it won't take
down the AOLserver project with it, because the email list will still
keep working as it always has.

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