On 2005.02.28, Eric Lee <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Browser        ACCEPT_ENCODING  off/Disp:len  on/Disp:len
> IE 5.5         gzip, deflate    yes:247       no:210
> The way I read this is that:
> IE 5.5 says it can handle gzip, but cannot display it, displays empty page.

This smells like this MSIE bug:

    Internet Explorer May Lose the First 2,048 Bytes of Data That Are
    Sent Back from a Web Server That Uses HTTP Compression

This is exactly why I hate server-side transparent HTTP compression
nonsense.  In 2-3 years, when all these little stupid bugs are finally
fixed in all popular browsers, it might be the right time to do the
compression thing.  But then, maybe narrowband users will only be <5% of
the audience, and compression won't matter anymore, either.

-- Dossy

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