Op Tue, 7 Aug 2007, schreef Bas Scheffers:

> > all layers are easily interchangeable. You can use Apache + MySQL with
> > Perl, Python or Ruby. You can use Perl/Python/Ruby with Postgresql or
> I think that is hitting the nail on the head: "You can use Apache + MySQL...".
> People think web development and they think Apache, not in the least because
> that is what every hosting company offers. The language is probably second and
> depends on what runs well inside Apache. Unfortunately that would be PHP.

Don't underestimate the power of "free advertising" through URLs. Every 
url in .php is an advert for PHP, showing the world what everyone uses for 
his website.

TCL is not the problem, it is a great language and superior to PHP. No 
need to excuse yourself for using the superior solutions.

I think a few reasons contribute to the low popularity of AOLserver
* It interoperates badly with Apache. Both need port 80. While solutions 
  exits, none is ideal, and none come with "Batteries included".
  Many people (most) cannot rely 100% on AOLserver, despite ocnsidering it
  superior for web development.
* It is bad in multi-user environments. You cannot give every use his own
  space to develop his website in. Actually this problem seems easy to
  solve, since AOLserver can run multiple instances of itself since 4.0.
* Nobody pushes the development. While AOLserver is maintained and has 
  even nice new features since 4.5, there are few releases and less 
  progress than other web solutions. Despite this, AOLservers superior 
  design still counts a lot.
* Despite open source, development happens behind  closed doors. Rather 
  than contributing people wanting to develop start projects like opennsd 
  and naviserver. This is a terrible waste of development recources.

Daniël Mantione

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