On 2007.08.07, John Buckman <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> I use AOLserver + lighthttpd on the same machine, different IPs, so  
> that mp3s and GIF/JPEGs are fed off lighthttpd, which is stupid and  
> very fast (it's wikipedia's media server)

Out of curiousity--have you benchmarked lighttpd vs. AOLserver (since
you already have both set up)?  AOL replaced their "ArtBlaster" (very
thin, lightweight, single-threaded HTTP server for static assets) a
while back and replaced it with AOLserver 4.0, since it was "fast
enough" ... if lighttpd's benchmarks are significantly better, I'd like
to try and understand why/how and start tuning AOLserver to match.

I'd just like to know if folks are running lighttpd because it truly is
faster, or simply because it isn't AOLserver ...

-- Dossy

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