John Buckman wrote:
I'm wondering -- does it make sense to just try to close the gap with LAMPP as a model, driving to the "batteries-included" distro Dossy's been talking about for years? That seems to me like a project tons of folks could contribute too -- from docs to extensions to installers, etc.

On new aolserver installations, I install the ActiveState "batteries included" tcl version, and then copy over all the libraries it has (which is a *lot*) into aolserver's tcl directory (in my case /usr/local/), which makes for an extremely capable AolServer/tcl distro. hmm.. it might actually be possible to build aolserver against the activestate distro directly to accomplish this.

The ActiveState "batteries included" tcl version competes really well, IMHO, with PHP and Perl. My only issue has been that apparently TclX doesn't play nice with AOLserver and can cause unclean shutdowns (I think Dossy said this), otherwise I have a wide variety of libraries, pretty much all the same stuff as PHP/Perl.

I've said before that AOLServer would best be served as a series of modules that leverage standard distributions. In this way it would become more like Ruby on Rails or similar Python frameworks. A more elegant coupling will probably improve things all around. To that end, I can assist with the de/recoupling, although my time resources for me are unfortunately not in abundance.

As to the TclX problem ... I wonder if that has to do with mt issues. I don't know if TclX has been fully vetted for thread-safety (and you should most definitely never fork() with threads).


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