On 2007.08.07, Bas Scheffers <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> I always shake my head when this "lets implement PHP/Ruby/TechDuJour  
> in AOLserver, that will make it popular" comes up. First of all  
> everyone seems to find that only Tcl is any good a threading, so you  
> can't make other languages fit properly.

Two thoughts I've been giving a lot of time to, lately:

1) JavaScript: the SpiderMonkey JS engine is thread-safe and I've been
   integrating it into AOLserver (see: nsjsapi).  John Resig has started
   a small JS library that makes running some client-side JS on the
   server-side, which I'm hoping to take advantage of.  My rationale
   here is that JS is probably the single web scripting language that is
   known by the most number of people; regardless of which web stack you
   use, you're also going to have to use JavaScript.  Why not just build
   the entire web stack with JavaScript, on the client and server side?

2) Lua: Lua seems like the natural successor to Tcl--small, lightweight,
   simple syntax, and *embeddable*.  (FWIW, I don't like Lua's syntax,
   but who cares.)  The folks at Adobe are using it seriously (Adobe
   Lightroom), game developers are using it (World of Warcraft), etc.

   Lua's embeddability in threaded applications comes in two flavors:
   separate Lua "States" (analogus to Tcl's "interp"), or new child
   states which have a shared parent global state (serialized through a
   global lock).  The latter is probably close to what we'd ultimately
   want for AOLserver in a "Tcl_CloneInterp" that had shared global
   state with copy-on-write (COW) and/or global lock semantics.

> What makes AOLserver AOLserver is the Tcl API;  libraries, ns_db and
> nsv are what makes it better than anything  available on Apache.

On Apache, lacking nsv's (and nv's), folks use memcache.  Naturally,
having nsv's "out of the box" instead of having to figure out and set up
memcache makes things simpler.  (Yes, memcache is ultimately a whole lot
more powerful than AOLserver's nsv's--I know this.)

-- Dossy

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