Op Wed, 8 Aug 2007, schreef Gustaf Neumann:

> Daniël Mantione schrieb:
> > Again, a practical situation: How many PHP packages support such headers?
> > (Even OpenACS doesn't support them, so you would have to fix OpenACS
> > too.) 
> > 
> i am not sure, where this discussion is supposed to lead to. A couple of years
> ago, i argued
> here on the list to have support on the aolserver side for exactly this task.
> ...
> two points: 
> a) i still believe, that a aolserver newbies (if this species exists) will
> have troubles to handle this case: they rather look for a configure option
> than for a doit-yourself solution

Indeed. As this is a very common situation to AOLserver users, this one 
area that can be worked on in the "batteries included" philosophy.


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