On 7 Aug 2007, at 23:07, Dossy Shiobara wrote:
1) JavaScript: the SpiderMonkey JS engine is thread-safe and I've been
integrating it into AOLserver (see: nsjsapi). John Resig has started
I'll have a look at that soon!

On Apache, lacking nsv's (and nv's), folks use memcache.  Naturally,
But wouldn't nsv be possible now in the multi-threaded mpm?

memcache makes things simpler. (Yes, memcache is ultimately a whole lot
more powerful than AOLserver's nsv's--I know this.)
Depends on what you use it for; I use nsv for my translation dictionaries (multi-lingual site); it is a small resource that must be shared between interps and doesn't warrant memcache, but using interpreter namespace variables like msgcat would not be very nice.

For caching people's profile or product pages and such, memcache obviously is the best way to go, however.

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