On 8/7/07, Dossy Shiobara <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> 1) JavaScript: the SpiderMonkey JS engine is thread-safe and I've been
>    integrating it into AOLserver (see: nsjsapi).  John Resig has started
>    a small JS library that makes running some client-side JS on the
>    server-side, which I'm hoping to take advantage of.  My rationale
>    here is that JS is probably the single web scripting language that is
>    known by the most number of people; regardless of which web stack you
>    use, you're also going to have to use JavaScript.  Why not just build
>    the entire web stack with JavaScript, on the client and server side?

Wow - that's very exciting. I always thought Javascript on the server
was a good idea, but after Netscape's server folded it never really
got picked up by anyone else.

Javascript is a fantastic language - excellent OO and functional
support, familiar syntax, and there are a lot of developers (now) who
understand it's intricacies well.

Dossy I assume nsjsapi is in cvs? I'll go check it out.

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