Daniël Mantione schrieb:
Again, a practical situation: How many PHP packages support such headers? (Even OpenACS doesn't support them, so you would have to fix OpenACS too.)
i am not sure, where this discussion is supposed to lead to. A couple of years ago, i argued here on the list to have support on the aolserver side for exactly this task. The argument was, it is simple enough to do it on the application layer, no need for direct support in aolserver. Up to a certain point, this was true, i ended up with te following
code for openacs, which maintains its own variant of ns_conn.

   ad_conn -set peer_addr [ns_conn peeraddr]

   if { [ns_config -bool ns/parameters ReverseProxyMode 0] } {
       set addr [lindex [ns_set iget [ns_conn headers] x-forwarded-for] end]
       if {[string length $addr] > 0} {
           ad_conn -set peeraddr $addr
} }

two points:
a) i still believe, that a aolserver newbies (if this species exists) will
have troubles to handle this case: they rather look for a configure option than for a doit-yourself solution

b) the power of aolserver + tcl is that once it is done it works
for all apps, no need to load a certain PHP/Perl/Ruby/... modules etc. Having Tcl as a basic glue language ensures that e.g. the
  loaded modules work together, which is in a multi-language environment
  not always the case

Can you (socially) convince those users to rewrite the PHP apps for you to use your OpenACS?
most certainly not. It is as well not easy the other way around.
To achieve good code, this is most likely a complete re-design
matching the framework.


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