Op Tue, 7 Aug 2007, schreef Jeff Rogers:

> I'm not trying to be super-advocate boy here, but it just seems like everyone
> here is making arguments as to why aolserver really isn't good enough compared
> to apache and it saddens me - if the support community doesn't believe in the
> product, what chance do I have of convincing my boss next time he wants to
> shut down that "app written in some ancient tcl and aolserver app" because its
> not apache, java, and perl?  (to be fair, 3.1 *is* ancient, they're just
> afraid to let me upgrade it.  *sigh*)


Many people here can give you a long list why AOLserver is the best web 
development platform. None of the issues we discuss are in the line of 
"PHP/Perl/Java is better than TCL", because this simply isn't true. 
AOLserver, after all those years, is still freaking awesome, which is why 
I use it.

That said, there are reasons why it doesn't conquer the world. Many 
users on this list, me included, run into those reasons, despite being 
strong AOLserver advocates.


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