Tom Jackson wrote:
None of the issues listed really have a solution. The truth is that if you are doing mass hosting, you should use Apache, the memory footprint is just too great at some point with AOLserver because you have to load each server at startup. At the very least all code for all virtual servers is in memory, at least one copy. Mass hosting of even a hundred domains becomes near impossible. AOLserver cannot be effective in that situation. Apache really is more like sshd, tcpserver, or any other daemon that is just used to startup another process.

Mass hosting alot of domains with vastly different setups isn't practical, but hosting lots of domains all configured identically can be done easily, just not with virtual hosts as such. It would need something more along the lines of apache's mod_vhost_alias where parameters for the virtual host are dynamically configured according to rules from a template rather than explicitly. The suggestion from long long ago was to use a custom UrlToFile proc (which sadly can only be done from C code) that is sensitive to the Host header.

I'm not trying to be super-advocate boy here, but it just seems like everyone here is making arguments as to why aolserver really isn't good enough compared to apache and it saddens me - if the support community doesn't believe in the product, what chance do I have of convincing my boss next time he wants to shut down that "app written in some ancient tcl and aolserver app" because its not apache, java, and perl? (to be fair, 3.1 *is* ancient, they're just afraid to let me upgrade it. *sigh*)


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