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> ... and there is one TCL library,

There is a shared global Tcl library as well as a per-virtual server Tcl
library.  The shared global one is in PREFIX/modules/tcl, while the
per-server Tcl library is configured using:

    ns_section "ns/server/${servername}/tcl"
    ns_param library /path/to/server/tcl

Perhaps it's not well-documented (enough) such that people are aware of
it, but it's there.

> all databases need to be configured globally,

Indeed, database pool definitions are global.  I believe you can
restrict what pools a server has access to, but considering that the
auth. credentials are readable by anyone, it's still a security issue.

> cgi scripts cannot be run with user permissions and more. For
> multi-user systems, Apache is superior.

Hold on a second--define "superior," please.  I see absolutely no reason
to run a separate nsd process per user, giving you full process
isolation instead of this uid-juggling stuff that Apache does.  With
Apache, if you want to make a server config change, you have to bounce
the whole process which affects all users.  If you run a separate nsd
per user, each individual user is isolated from each other
completely--including server restarts.

If they all need to share the same IP/port, sit a reverse proxy (Pound,
Squid, Perlbal, etc.) on that port and have it proxy requests to the
appropriate nsd bound to its own separate port.  Sure, there's going to
be some overhead (the proxy) but it gives you the ultimate in
flexibility--especially if the proxy can be reconfigured at runtime
without a restart.

The net here is that AOLserver really isn't designed to be used by
commodity web resellers who host thousands of tiny sites on a single
box.  For non-trivial web applications, you're already going to need to
have some reasonably complex web infrastructure (load balancers, caching
proxies and CDNs, etc.) in place--and as a cog in that larger machinery,
AOLserver certainly solves a set of problems nicely.

-- Dossy

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