Op Tue, 7 Aug 2007, schreef Tom Jackson:

> None of the issues listed really have a solution. The truth is that if you 
> are 
> doing mass hosting, you should use Apache, the memory footprint is just too 
> great at some point with AOLserver because you have to load each server at 
> startup. At the very least all code for all virtual servers is in memory, at 
> least one copy. Mass hosting of even a hundred domains becomes near 
> impossible. AOLserver cannot be effective in that situation. Apache really is 
> more like sshd, tcpserver, or any other daemon that is just used to startup 
> another process. 

I agree, but it is fixable. Unused servers could be started an shut down 
on demand so a web site that receives 5 hits/day doesn't eat memory 

However, I am again talking in terms of technical solutions, while the 
actual thing is to address the social/political problem of AOLserver not 
being useable in a multi-user environment. A hoster can already sell an 
AOLserver hosting service if it can serve let's say, 25 users on one 
server. If each customer that needs AOLserver needs a dedicated server and 
ip-address, business wise this is a big no no.


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